Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dan Burr

Preaching In Kissi Kenya
I don't normally use my blog for this kind of post but a very dear friend of mine and one of the best gospel singers I have ever met has a short video I want you to watch.

Dr. Dan Burr has literally travelled the world and sung before 10's of thousands and in private concerts for heads of state. In all he has done over 7000 concerts worldwide and taken the gospel through music to the unreached in our world.
Dr. Dan Burr

I first met Dan in Australia as he was singing while I was at the same church teaching Church Growth for a convention hosted there.

This encounter began a friendship and partnership in ministry that has seen Dan and I travel around the world ministering to people.
It has been one of the great joys and experiences of my life.

Dan is available to come to your church or conference and if you would like to contact him you can do so through his email Dan Burr <>

If you enjoyed this video you'll enjoy meeting Dan and having him minister in your church.

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  1. Pastor Dan: I remember you from Faith Community Church and was so sorry when you left. Your wonderful God given voice always inspired me. It was the best part of service. I've always wondered what happened to you and I'm so glad your ministry is alive and well in the world.....