Sunday, October 24, 2010

Will you rescue me?

In one of the greatest children's stories of all time there is a parable of life transforming significance.
All of us have probably read one or more Winnie the Pooh stories or had a stuffed toy of one of the many friends Winnie had; Tigger, Piglet, Kanga, Baby Roo, Owl and of course the forgetful donkey called Eeyore.
Eeyore was playing on the banks of the river one day and accidentally fell in. After struggling a few times to make it up the bank and finally exhausted he lays on his back and begins floating down the river anticpating that this ride will be his last. He knows that at the end of the river there is a waterfall that was sure to    be his demise.

While floating on his back and going underneath the bridge he looks up and sees his friend Winnie. Their conversation goes something like this.
"Seems you got yourself into a spot of trouble Eeyore"
"Yes" Eeyore replies.
"And it looks like you are going to drown"
"Yes" is again Eeyore's lament
Then with a pleading voice from the river comes Eeyore's cry
"If it wouldn't be too much bother, would you mind rescuing me?"

All around us are friends, neighbors, work colleagues school mates, and family who are floating down that long road leading to destruction. We are the ones on the bridge. Will we stand and watch them go over the precipice into a Christ-less eternity or will we answer their desperate need with a yes, I'll do whatever it takes to rescue you.

Who is the Eeyore in your life who's soul is crying out for that wonderful message that will rescue them from eternal separation for our loving Father?

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