Saturday, May 11, 2013

BANKRUPT part 5 - Living on the Hallelujah Side of Life

I have had a bit of a reluctance about posting sermons on my blog as I have tried to restrict it to specific helps for the church in its mission to reach its community with the gospel.
I am making an exception here as I honestly believe after seeing how much mission lies undone and the fact that so many churches are literally making cutback after cutback in mission and ministry for a lack of funds. 
It is estimated that Christians are giving at an average rate of 1.7% of their income to their local church. Not only are individual Christians suffering but the mission has been restricted to 20% of what could be.
Three years ago I was visiting with Dr. Cho and he observed how not only did 97% plus of Korean Christians tithed but he observed that this had given the church the opportunity to change the country, which it has. Korea now sends out and supports the 2nd most number of missionaries in the world and this from a country 10% the size of the US
Dr. Cho  observed that the promise of God to heal our country, which comes from Malachi 3, is contingent on Christians bringing their tithe.
In this sermon I explore 3 key ideas
1. The Principle of Bless-ability
2. The Principle of First-fruits
3. The concept of the Tithe
I would encourage you to listen to the video sermon. I will add the sermon Study notes here to serve as a listening aid.
If you want the powerpoint of the message email me and I will be glad to send it to you.
May we never have to say no to a door of opportunity again. The world is counting on us.

To see the video click on the title of this post

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