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Philosophy Of Ministry

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Philosophy Of Ministry

Many time in ordination councils and in congregational search committees when they are looking for a pastor its not unusual to ask about the persons philosophy of ministry. These are the bedrock principles that guide the leader in how he or she functions within the ministry context. Having seen many attempts at it where the key principles are not clearly articulated it is no surprise that many leaders fail to get traction in leading their churches. 
I wrote this and hopefully will begin your thinking on this foundational issue.  Any person seeking to be an effective missional leader must know not only what needs done but must be grounded and understand why they do what they do.

Philosophy Of Ministry

  1. I believe we are co-laborers together with God. The important part of that partnership is that we get onto God’s agenda and stay there. For unless He builds the house they labor in vain who build.
  2. I believe that “big Christians” build great churches. There is no substitute for being grounded in and applying the word of God.
  3. I believe what God does in the life of leaders gets replicated and structured into the life of the church. As leaders, professional and lay, taking our own walk with God seriously and modeling the walk of a fully devoted follower is critical to developing a spiritually strong church. The church will not grow spiritually to a level above its leaders
  4. I believe Christians thrive in community and having every Christ-follower as part of a small group is an essential part of personal growth. It is in the context of this community that true life transformation happens.
  5. I believe the deployment of spiritual leaders multiples Kingdom impact. As a pastor a significant portion of my time will be invested in the development,discipling and deployment of leaders.
  6. I believe God has gifted and wired every individual differently and maximum kingdom growth occurs when we minister in the way God has wired us under a common purpose (mission) and shared vision
  7. I believe a Collegial Style of Leadership where the joint collaboration of Spiritual leaders, prayerfully discerning and doing the will of God is necessary for a church to thrive
  8. I believe the pastor is God’s “point person” and has a primary role to see that the vision God has given the church is accomplished. This is accomplished best by empowering people to find their place in the wonderful redemptive call of God.
  9. I believe the institutional church of the post war period must become a missional church in order to reach today’s culture with the gospel
  10. I believe the values about evangelism erode over time and it takes diligent hard work on the part of all those in leadership to keep the main thing the main thing.
  11. I believe our true values are seen in what we do. Honest evaluation of what we are doing and the results we achieve keep us focused on results not effort
  12. I believe the Vision is the what, and the Values are the why. The most common reason the vision doesn’t become a reality is because the deep seated values are incompatible with the vision. 
  13. I believe change is necessary for growth. I believe that the end goal of reaching and growing people is what should drive the change and is the only valid reason to consider change.
  14. Spiritual health and disease are a reality. Churches with an unholy sickness do not grow. Healthy churches grow.
  15. There is no limit to what God will do with people completely surrendered to Him.  We as individuals should be, and the church should be, those fully devoted followers and should be our and my heart passion.
  16. With my friend Karen Hurston one of
    the finest Christian Leaders in the World.
    In this picture she was helping a
     number of our students on
    a recent trip to Korea
  17. I believe any church can grow if
         o    It really wants to grow
         o    It will pay the price for growth
         o    It will be united in mission PSALM 133
         o    It will apply principles rather than be locked into methods
         o    Will persevere

Feel free to add your comments or even your personal Philosophy of Ministry or things you've learned about this issue in you time serving the Lord

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