Tuesday, October 5, 2010

California State Christian University

Have you ever wondered why so many pastors are frustrated and disillusioned in ministry and end up dropping out of ministry. A study showed that the majority of dropouts occurred because of character rather than competence.
Traditional theological education has focused on the competency arm of the leader while often given slight or no attention to the character of the leader.
This insight is part of the core philosophy of CSCU. Each quarter each student is part of a class that focuses solely on the development of their character so that the objective of having Godly competent leaders who can change their worlds for Christ can be achieved.
Let me invite you to visit our website www.cscu.edu .While there take a look at a couple of our classes from Dr. Dale Salico and Dr. Kirk Mackie. There is also a video that shows you why CSCU is different and worth exploring for your ministry development needs.

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