Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Few Thoughts On Harvest Oriented Prayer

The Prayer Grottos at Prayer Mountain in Seoul Korea
They are about 4 ft tall 5 feet deep and 3 feet wide.
You can kneel sit or prostrate yourself and have
a wonderful alone time with God

During a series of messagesI preached on prayer one of them was an introduction to an acronym ACTS. I wrote a number of prayers that we can use to help us mold our lives in such a way that the centrality of the mission of reaching a lost world will become a reality in our lives. The wonderful truth is that God wants to use each of us mightily. We are each called to be missionaries in our worlds, that is the place where God has placed each of us. In the ACTS acronym, A stands for Adoration, C for Confession, T for thanksgiving, and S for supplication. I invite you to use these prayers as a basis to expand your own prayer time and give yourself an honest heartfelt harvest orientation.


Father, Thank you for being a merciful and grace-filled God. I worship you for your goodness towards me and for your patience towards my friends and family members who don’t know you.
Your word says you are slow to anger and that you don’t want any of these people to perish, but come to know you.
What a great loving God you are! How gracious and forgiving! I’m glad you are my Lord and that I have the privilege of being your child.
I am so grateful that you have called me to be an ambassador of the gospel. I praise you that you are ready and willing to us me to bring my lost family and friends into your family.


Lord, I’m sorry I so often fail to love lost people the way you do. You moved heaven and earth to reach them, you gave up everything when Jesus died on the cross, and yet I often resist even taking small steps to reach the people I know and care about. Even today Lord I saw an opportunity to speak but I kept quiet. I’m really sorry. You are not willing that any should perish and too often I think selfishly! Forgive me and change this attitude in me. Wash me of my sins of self-centeredness and fearfulness. Help me to know as I’ve confessed these things that you’ve been faithful to forgive and cleanse me. May my repentance bring a life change that will glorify you today.

With Dr. Cho in his office. He prayed for each of us
and all our lives were touched by his humble and
gracious spirit


Thank you for the payment Jesus made on the cross and I rejoice today in the gift of eternal life you have given me.. I’m so glad to be in your family, to know I’m forgiven, and to have the privilege of serving you. Thank you for putting your purpose in my life and entrusting me with opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people around me. Thank you that your love and grace are examples for me as I try to express my faith this day.


Father help me catch your passion and love for those around me. Help me remember that every person I lock eyes with today deeply matters to you. May they matter to me too in ways that move me to action. Help me realize that if they don’t yet know you, they’re lost and in desperate need of the good news of Christ. Lord prepare me and give me boldness so that I’ll be able to explain the gospel and give good answers to their questions.

Help me be a genuine friend who will attract them to you and your church. Give me wisdom so I’ll know how direct to be and when to back off, so I can help them keep taking steps towards you.

Would you adapt these prayers and make a commitment that each day there will be a time when you lift up your voice to our loving Father and ask him to use you in such a way that the people he has strategically and supernaturally put in your path will come to know him.

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