Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ever Thought Of Walking On Water!

I was reflecting on Jesus invitation to Peter to get out of the boat and walk on the water. I had a few thoughts that might be a good starter for a sermon or just a good devotional thought.
1. Sometimes like Peter and the disciples our plans don't work out as planned
2. When you are walking on the water it really doesn't matter how deep the water is
3. When you are in a storm it will take a step of faith to become a victor. Without that step of faith you will remain in your storm.
4. The lessons of your victory in todays storm become your personal armor for your next storm


  1. Why was Jesus sleeping in the boat when a furious storm was upon them?
    sometimes Jesus lets storms happen to see how we handle them. We were made in His likeness. We have ability to "calm" the same storm He does. I belive He was sleeping to see how they were going to handle it. We need to daily take victory in our storms.

  2. There are 2 different stories stories in the gospels where the disciples were in a storm on the sea. In the one I referenced the disciples were alone in the boat when the storm came up and Jesus came to them walking on the water and invited Peter to step out of the safety that the boat provided even although that safety was rather frail. As Freud said "people would rather live in a squalor which which they are familiar than make the move to a better yet unfamiliar place" That's the step of faith Peter was asked to take. So the issue for Peter was not to focus on the depth of the water but to keep his eyes on Christ. and when he did the depth of the water no longer mattered.
    In the second story the disciples are crossing the sea of Galilee with Jesus in the boat and again a storm comes up. They realize they are in over there head and call Jesus out and He with a word calms the storms.
    So 2 lessons emerge.
    1. In a storm keep your eyes on the Lord
    2. One word from the Master and whatever storm you are in is calmed