Saturday, October 23, 2010

God Still Does The Miraculous

It's really not a matter of "if "we are going to find ourselves in a situation where all human, wisdom, skill and resource will still leave us in desperate need but only a matter of "when". Three Christmas ago we had just come through what was the most dramatic time in our life as a family. Our baby grand daughter Tara was born in September that year, happy and healthy. About a week after her birth my daughter and Tara's mother took her to see a lactation specialist and within minutes of arriving a full bore panic situation arose. The nurse rushed out and within a few minutes my grand daughter was being air lifted to Huntington Memorial Hospital. An entro-virus had entered her body and was shutting down her vital organs. There was no physical chance of her living as the number of vital organs that had failed gave her a zero chance of living. The doctors had come in and told us to go and say good-bye to the baby. But God had other plans. She is today over 3 years old and the only one of 5800 children who had this condition to be alive. There was no medical protocol to understand or treat her. God fulfills each and every promise he makes. Before her birth the word from God was she would be a "mighty woman of God". Today as she grows that test will be her testimony, that mess will be her message. I have put a video I showed at our church with a testimony from my daughter as well as a current picture of this wonderful miracle of God.
My encouragement to all of you is this. The word impossible is not in the Divine dictionary for with Him all things are possible. Keep trusting keep believing. It's always too soon to give up hope. It's alway good to replace your fear with faith.

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